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(50 Ways) How To Earn Money Online - Earning in Lakhs

(50 Ways) How To Earn Money Online – Earning in Lakhs

Make Money Online: If you are searching in the internet and searching such words in Google as how to earn money online for students 2023, Earn Money Online, Make Money Online, Online earning kaise kare in Hindi then you are at the right place. Reading the post, today we will learn about more than 50 ways to earn money online. If you read the post with honesty, you will definitely get success. If you have worked in any of these niches, then without delay, let’s read the article.

Online earning kaise kare in hindi

If you are also looking for ways to earn money from the internet, then let us tell you that there are many ways to earn money from the internet through which you can earn lakhs per month. Very few people come here, from blogging to blogging, there are many such ways to earn money online. Through this article, I have given a list of more than 50 Earn Money Online, you can see and if you do your work with full honesty, you will definitely be successful. And let us tell you for your information that we keep telling you the ways to earn money online through YouTube, so you should subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you can also learn to earn money online quickly.

How to earn money online without investment

How to Make Money Online in India: MAKE MONEY ONLINE TIPS IN HINDI HOW TO EARN MONEY ONLINE WITHOUT INVESTMENT IN HINDI With all these methods you can earn lakhs in a month, provided you have to concentrate on your work, you have to work in such a way that no one will see you for two months. If you are not able to stay in one room, you will have to spend day and night, brother.

  • Earn money from Amazon
  • earn money by blogging
  • earn money from google
  • Earn money by watching advertisements
  • Earn money by giving surveys
  • Earn money from Facebook Marketing
  • Earn money from Instagram Marketing
  • Earn money by typing
  • Earn money from mobile
  • Earn money from digital product
  • Earn money from E-Commerce
  • earn money from shopify
  • Earn money by playing games
  • Earn money by making videos
  • Earn money by selling courses
  • Earn money from Razorpay
  • Earn money from PhonePe
  • Earn money from Google Pay
  • Earn money from PayTM
  • earn money from paypal
  • Earn money from Instagram Reels
  • Earn money from YouTube Shorts
  • earn money from linkedin
  • How to make money from Fiverr
  • Earn money from Flipkart
  • Earn money from content writing
  • Earn money from freelancing
  • Earn money by creating Android App
  • Earn money by creating a website
  • Earn money from Adsense
  • Earn money from Web Stories
  • Earn money from laptop
  • Earn money from cashback
  • Earn money from Telegram
  • Earn money from Meesho
  • earn money by creating backlinks
  • earn money from youtube
  • Earn money from Ludo Game
  • Earn money from YouTube Thumbnail
  • Earn money from Affiliate Marketing
  • How to earn money from CPA Marketing
  • How to make money from dropshipping
  • How to earn money from blogging
  • How to earn money by writing ebooks
  • How to earn money from referral program
  • How to earn money from Upstox
  • How to earn money from Facebook
  • Earn money by selling photos
  • Earn money by investing in stocks
  • Earn money from video editing
  • Earn money by sharing links
  • Brother, if you are an ordinary person and you do not know anything about earning money online, then you follow small steps. We have told you the ways of earning money from beginning to end through YouTube channel and on your website. But we keep telling through articles whether you want to become a contact writer or a blogger or even if you want to earn money by posting on YouTube.

How to earn money from Amazon

If you want to earn money from Amazon and you do not have money, want to earn for free, then I will tell you some ways by which you will be able to earn money through online work from home.

1- You will be able to make money by joining the Affiliate program on Amazon. Along with this, you will also be able to earn money by becoming an Amazon seller. After joining the program, you will have to sell goods online.

  • Affiliate Program
  • amazon seller
  • Earn money by delivering products

There are many such ways, today we will tell you the best way to earn money from them, you will get commission on any product you affiliate and you can do it for free.

How to earn money by blogging

Brother, if it comes to blogging, I will give you 100 percent guarantee that you can earn a good amount by doing part time or little work. I will also tell you the ways how to earn.

First of all you have to create a website. While creating a website, you can create it for free or you can also create it by taking money. If you create it for free then you will be able to create it on Blogger and if you have a little money then you can create it with WordPress and GoDaddy. Can buy domain.

After purchasing the website

After purchasing the website, you will have to add it in hosting, whether you are using Singer or Bluehost hosting or anyone else, you will have to send the posting. If you create a free website on Blogger, then you do not need to add it anywhere, it is free. You can use Blogger to learn. Now if you have a little money then you can buy a domain from Go Daddy, then buy hosting and set up the website.

buy hosting

Now you will have to do some customization like activating the theme and installing the plugin. If you watch all this through the setup video, then you will be able to get the correct information and will be able to work quickly. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to setup the entire website. .

Write quality contact

All bloggers say that write quality contacts, this is very important in blogging because if it is not of quality then you will neither get the approval of AdSense nor will you be ranked. So how to write the posts of the website, we have told in the article and in the video. You can also see detailed information about writing articles.

Now after writing the post you will have to create backlinks.

After writing the article, now if you know how to create backlinks yourself, then create them yourself or get backlinks made from others. I would suggest you to create backlinks yourself and we have told you through the video about creating backlinks. You will be able to create backlinks very easily. It is very important for ranking. In the video we have got all the information about what are backlinks, how are backlinks used, why they have to be created.

You just have to keep writing articles like this continuously and keep making backlinks and your website will soon start ranking. If you are having difficulty in making backlinks or are not able to make them, then ask us in the comments and we will suggest you and your Will help.

get adsense approval

Now, if your blog is getting between 50 to 200 traffic, then you should apply for AdSense. After applying, ads will start showing on your website and your earning will start. I have a current website, 2 months later, it was getting 250% traffic. I applied for AdSense and got approval in one go. If you face any problem related to blogging, then subscribe to our Youtube channel. You can get daily updates and get solutions to all the problems related to your website. Let’s meet in a new video –

How to make money with Facebook marketing

If you use Facebook then there is a very good news for you, you can make a good amount of money through affiliate marketing by creating your own group on Facebook. You will tell me how, then you will have to promote any product of your company in affiliate marketing. And whoever buys from there, you will get commission and you will get money. This is a very good way if you want to earn some money through Facebook.

ये भी पढ़ें

Domain name kaise kharide

73% OFF) How To Buy Hosting In Hindi | Hosting Kaise Kharide?

how to earn money by typing

If you want to do content marketing or want to earn money by writing contacts, then the best and better idea for you is to find online typing job and work on it. I will also tell you where to find it. For that, I will make a dedicated video. I have brought it for you to see and there is not much hassle in writing the article, you will be able to write a good contact by copy pasting.

Who will you work for?

First of all, you can email the people who are blogging and start working from there. After this, if you do not get work, then you can go to Fiver and create your account and get work. There are many platforms on which you can work, but whoever is your inferior will create the same type of account.

And if you are a blogger yourself then you can earn a good amount of money by writing contacts for your blog and become your own boss.

how to earn money from youtube

If you want to earn money from YouTube, then this is a very good opportunity for you. You also want to work on topics, recharge on them, after that start working, before starting the work from the beginning, you will have to create your own channel on YouTube. If there are videos, they will have to be uploaded.

And maintain your social platform like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. Share your video on these so that the engagement of the video will increase. Due to this, there are chances of your video going viral and even if you spend a little money on ads, your video will still be available on the medium of apps. Can make it viral.

How to earn money from Fiver

Friends, if you want to earn money from Fiver, then you should have some skill, such as contact writer or making backlinks or providing any service or making apps. You will be able to earn money by working on many such skills and those who know it can create a page on Fiver. You can make good money by working there.

Have to create an account

You have to create a good profile, fill in the information about your work experience etc. and you may have to wait for a few days because only then you will not be able to start working if you get a client. For that, share the information on many platforms so that you will start getting clients soon.

How to earn money from surveys

If you want to earn money from surveys, then you have to create your account on Sarve Janki website and fill all the information correctly and complete all the available surveys and accordingly you will get points. After this, whenever you get sufficient amount of money, you can earn money through Purple. will be able to transfer

How to earn money from mobile – 10 ways

SN Ways to earn money from online surveysmonthly earnings
1Swagbuck2 – 5k
2LifePoints5 – 10 k
3Opinion Bureau2000 – 4000 k
4MyPoints3 – 6 k
5Survey Junkie10 -20 k
6Opinion Outpost12 – 14 k
7ySense15 – 30 k
8InBoxDollars4 -8 k
9Branded Surveys5 -15k
10Global Test Market10 – 20k

How to earn money from mobile

There are many ways to earn money from mobile. If you are earning money online then you will use mobile along with it, you will also use laptop but the work will remain to earn online but let us know about some methods-

  • earn money from youtube channel
  • reselling business
  • earn money through facebook group
  • via telegram
  • earn money on instagram

There are many ways through which money can be earned online and whatever methods are mentioned in the article, you can also do them from mobile and earn money.

How to earn money by creating bank link

If you are a blogger then you must be well aware of what a backlink is, and if you create a backlink then you can earn thousands of rupees a day from it. Backlinks are made by those people who have a website and they need to rank the website. If it happens, then those people create backlinks. To create an account, you can get clients from Fiver. You will have to create an account on Fiver and from there you will get clients and you will be able to earn sitting at home.

How to make money with referral code

If you promote any product or any app, like for example we shared the link of Winzo Apps with you and if you install it then I will get commission. Similarly, you can make good money by sharing any referral app. If you are studying in school and do not have money for small expenses, then you can do it very easily now. You will be able to make a good amount of money by getting it installed by 10 to 15 people in the school itself and your expenses will also be covered. Will happen.

How to earn money from Upstox

Now if you talk about stocks, many people are moving forward in the matter of trading. People are earning lakhs a day by trading. So if you want to earn money by trading, you can also earn money through stocks but If you do not have money to invest, then you can earn money by becoming an affiliate on Upstox, that is, you will be able to earn money through referral link. If you open one person in this, then you get a commission like ₹ 100 and its commission keeps increasing or decreasing. If you open the mobile number of more than 10 people in this way then you can earn ₹ 1000 per day.

How to earn money from YouTube Thumbnail

And if you want to earn money from YouTube’s thermal, then this is a very good opportunity for you. If you know how to do a little editing, then you will be able to earn money sitting at home, then you must be wondering how, so let me tell you that those who have more views on YouTube or If you have subscribers then mail them and talk to them about the thumbnail that we will make and what will be the charge for it, you can discuss yourself and start the work.


Friends, go to this article today that we have shared more than 50 ideas with you about how to earn money online sitting at home and have explained in detail on some ideas. I hope you will learn a lot from those ideas and If you don’t understand anything then we have made videos for that, you can watch them and if you like the information then please share it with others so that they too can earn money online sitting at home. Thank you.

FAQs: how to earn money online for students 2023

Which is India’s number one money earning app?

Winzo is an app that gives ₹70 from a referral code.

How can women earn money sitting at home?

Whether it is women or men, everyone can earn money by doing the ideas given by us.
Earn money by blogging
Earn money through YouTube channel
Earn money through referral code
Earn money through Facebook apps
Earn money from Instagram reels
In this way, we have told more than 50 methods, you read the complete article and know in detail.

How to earn ₹1000 daily?

If you want to earn more than ₹ 1000, then you can earn a good amount of money by blocking and even if you open a YouTube channel, you will be able to earn more money from that and if you are fond of writing, then you can also become a contact writer.