Low investment business ideas

Top small business ideas 2024 – Low investment business ideas

Top small business ideas: Hello friends, welcome once again, with our new article, today we are going to tell you about 10 such business ideas which you can work on during Diwali as well as at other times and can earn a good amount of money.
So friends, stay till the last of the article so that you can get complete information and you can earn a lot of money from business and our aim is not to hurt anyone’s mind by conveying information to people.
This information has been created for the purpose, before doing any business, do it wisely, we will not be responsible for whether the business will run or not.

Candle business

If I talk about starting a business with the least amount of money, then candle business will be the best for you because it is one of the most selling items in the upcoming festival. Candles are required in every house, so if you are already If you start this business, you can get good results in your business within 2 months. Now you start selling this material in wholesale and if you have a very low budget to start this business, then you can invest Rs.10000. You can do it with a budget of less than Rs 2.5 lakh. If you start with an initial investment of Rs 25000, you can earn a profit of around Rs 200000 in 2 months, but do not confirm it. How do you handle your business yourself? How you will be able to run it is estimated, how you will do it depends on you.

Decorative items Bussiness

You know that the festival of Diwali is coming soon. The most sold thing on the festival of Diwali is decorative items. If you open decoration shops then it is going to prove to be very beneficial for you because decoration Nowadays, many people decorate their house a lot, hence it is one of the most demanded items in the market and especially it is in high demand during major festivals. If you want to start this business then also This can prove to be profitable for you, you can also start by buying electronic goods, the cost of which can range from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 50000. If you have a good budget, then you can earn even more money. You can earn by investing, although if you are just starting then you should start with minimum money and earn money.

Puja material shop business

Friends, the most profitable business at present is going to be puja shop, that is, if you are a puja material shop, then you can bring good profits in your shop because its margin is also very high due to which the profit can be very high and However, its demand increases greatly during festivals, as you know that Diwali festival is coming in a few months or a few days. Puja material items are sold more during the festival of Diwali.

If you want to start this business then You can start it at low cost also, anyone can start it anywhere, just find the right location of your business, where there will be more public, only that business will run. Pay special attention to give some discount to the people on festivals so that the customers can attract the customers. more come

Gift packaging business

The business of gift packaging runs in full swing because apart from festivals, people keep giving gifts at other times too. If you start this business before the festivals, then you will be noticed by people and your business will start running better.

If you start this business at that time when the festival of Diwali comes, then due to more public traffic, recognition will increase and your business will be set forever. If you want to start, then you should start before defeat. Do this and bring your business in a new direction. Gift packaging business is a sustainable business and it will earn you money even during festivals.

Envelopes business

Low investment business ideas– The business of envelopes is like doing a wholesale business, from which you can deliver your goods to the shops, it is a material made in less money and at a lower cost, and you can also export it to foreign countries because of the demand for envelopes. There are many, especially big companies who get their products done by couriers, so keep in touch with all of them and bring your business to a new direction.

Milk Dairy business

Now after hearing this business, you must be thinking that how can we do this business? This business is for those people who are living in village areas or middle areas and they are looking for business, so let me tell you Milk Dairy. You can earn a lot of money by doing business of.

Kirana store Business Ideas

It goes without saying that anyone can open a grocery store, but there are many things in it that many people are unable to do and they close their business. To run this business, many things need to be kept in mind. Because all the customers who will be with you will be mutual and neighborhood.

maintain good behavior with them and you can start this business with minimum money. If you have minimum ₹ 100000 then you can start this business. You will have to go through some difficulties in the initial phase, however after some time if your shop starts running then you will be able to earn good money.

Affiliate marketing business

The business I am going to talk about is the business of affiliate marketing, if you live anywhere or even in the village area – city area, you can easily do this work.
But you should have a little knowledge of it and should know the art of selling because if you sell any item, you will get the same commission and it runs a lot in the market, if you come on digital line, then you will get many such hosting or affiliate products. You will get from which you will keep earning regular money, although the initial phase may be difficult, but later you will start getting a lot of money from it, so that you will not have to face any problem.

Friends, you have read all the information given by us in detail, we hope that you have liked this article, if you like it, then you must share it with others so that they too can start a new business.

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